It’s A Wedding

Last week, my brother was married.

It was a Persian ceremony, and I had been asked to be the candle-bearer, a position that I accepted (I was also asked to take part in the Persian knife dance occurring after the wedding, which I also accepted). The ceremony was in both Farsi and English, and there was dinner and dancing afterwards.

I was honored to be asked to take part in their special day, and I am so glad that I was able to go to California in order to see them and the rest of my family.

Coincidentally, the wedding was also within a week of our tenth high school graduation anniversary, and about half of our graduating class was also there (considering we only had a graduating class of about nine, that is not saying too terribly much). It was a very nice reunion.

I don’t usually cry at happy events, but I did cry at this one while waiting for the dinner to be served. My dad, in an attempt to forestall his own tears, was concerned about my makeup, and I assured him that I was wearing waterproof primer. I have long loved my sister-in-law and have considered her to be part of the family for some time now. I also love my brother, and it is a common known fact that they both bring out the best in each other.

I know that my brother has changed for the best since he met his wife, and I am sure she has changed as well (though I did not know her prior to her being with my brother).

I hope that they will be happy together for a long time, and I hope that it will not be too long before we see each other again.


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