Listening Booth: Welcome to Night Vale

In an attempt to keep my house and body and mind in order, I’ve begun to do simple morning stretches in the early morning when it’s not quite so hot outside (I am too cheap to turn my air conditioning on and I live in a desert so doing this in the morning when it’s relatively cool is critical). I am easily bored while doing physical activity so I decided to restart listening to Welcome to Nightvale, a podcast that started two or so years ago.

I was listening to Welcome to Nightvale when it first came out but I have trouble keeping up with episodes that come out over a period of time, so I’m restarting now that I have a lot of episodes which I can structure into my daily schedule.

Welcome to Nightvale is definitely worth listening to. I would describe it as delightfully weird with dissonant ideas submitted as habitual day to day life (no dogs allowed at the dog park, angels helping Old Woman Josie, all hail the glow clouds, people turning into trees, etc) since the podcast’s narrative structure is that of an evening radio show.

It has a sort X-files vibe that meets domesticity shenanigans type of thing going for it, which is also my favorite thing in the whole world.

Bonus: it’s free.


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