iZombie: Episode 3

I didn’t really enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the other two. I was more interested in the zombie they found on the beach than in the crime itself or how Liv was affected by the brain she hate.

I thought they could have teased a lot more out of that. I think that her moment when she rescued Ravi and didn’t threaten him when she was in full on zombie mode powerful, and it made me wish that they had developed their relationship a little more in the preceding episodes beyond as her Lab Ally. They’re friends now, obviously, but we didn’t really get to see that friendship grow.

And, ultimately, I think most shows live and die by how well their friendships are written–but this is mostly because I’m for character driven stories as opposed to plot driven ones. Procedurals almost always seem to be plot driven, so I’m not really surprised that iZombie is following suit.

There are three core friendships at iZombie’s core, and they are falling to the wayside because the writers favor the crime and the brain. Obviously, Liv and Ravi, but also Liv and Clive. I still feel like I don’t know much about Clive, and I want to know more about him. What does he do on his off days? What sort of doubts or affections does he harbor towards Liv? What about his coworkers? How does he deal with being a police officer? What does it mean for him and his partnership with Liv?

The other friendship is the one with Liv and her roommate, her best friend. That is not much developed at all, and I think that it could develop so much more.

Then there was Liv and Marcie, the once nemesis turned friend turned zombie. I’m sad that eating didn’t help her. I found it upsetting, actually, that it didn’t. That there was no cure for her and that the only response for her deteriorating condition was death. It’s so brief. It’s so boring.

I want good things for this show, I really do, but I honestly think that choosing to have this show be a procedural was a mistake. There are such a wealth of interesting characters it’s almost a waste to put them in this kind of format.


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