The Writing Process: Leading Ladies

My writing has developed and evolved as I’ve grown and as I’ve consumed more literature. There was a time where I was lost, where I wasn’t writing, because I was sorting out what I believed, the kind of stories I wanted to both consume and to write.

And now I know who I am–that I want to write stories about women. One of the things that I’ve noticed now is that I’m revisiting a lot of the old concepts that I have drafts of from about years ago. I wanted to write a maritime story and the leading characters were mostly men with one woman. Now, the maritime story I’m working on now (hopefully to be released in January!) is focused entirely on two women.

The holiday-fairy-taled theme story on I’m working on now is a story I started writing four or five years ago, and it was about a girl who needed to save her brother. But now, it’s a story about sisters.

I don’t think there will ever be enough stories about women–the relationships they form with each other, the struggles they endure. But I want to write those stories and even though I know there are others who have done it better before me and who have more to say about it than I do because writing stories about women is an act of love, of declaration.

And I want to be part of that.


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